Enhance your employee development with these practical, fast-moving and highly interactive trainings. During these 3 to 5 hour trainings, your employees will gain new skills and techniques they can implement immediately.

Navigate Change with Ease

Learn to navigate change with ease using the best leadership practices, frameworks and tools for specific change initiatives within your organization. Gain greater understanding of the implication of change initiatives on people, organizational capacity and the role your leaders need to play to ensure balance and focus during periods of change. 

Build Your Leadership Brand

Discover your leadership values and beliefs and how becoming more self aware increases employee trust and engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to practice articulating your distinct leadership brand with direct, in the moment feedback about your impact.

Master the Art of Feedback

The ability to give candid and useable feedback is key to your leadership development. Learn how to build a healthy and productive feedback culture to increase productivity within your team. You’ll have the opportunity to practice being specific, timely and candid in the feedback you share. 

Communication Strategies for Productive Conversations

Explore your communication style and preference. Understand how your communication style aligns or conflicts with others and how to adjust your communication style, when needed, to achieve highly productive conversations.

Becoming the Coach Your Team Needs

Learn a four-step coaching model that will lead to constructive coaching conversations with your team.

How to Build a High-Performing Team 

Learn the difference between a working group and a team. Get the tools you need to turn your team into a high performing unit. Discover how to use the uniqueness of your team to get results in less time. 

Strategic Collaboration

Not all teams need to be collaborative; learn how to select the best options for your specific needs. Save time and improve your outcomes by recognizing the types of work you need to do with others. Discover how to improve collaboration without having to increase it. 

How to Inspire a Creative Workplace Culture

Learn the importance of promoting a creative workplace culture. Discover how creativity increases productivity and engagement. Explore how your leadership style encourages creativity in yourself and others.

Working with Gruffie was one of the greatest pleasures of my business career. She has a supernatural way of getting the best out of seemingly disparate groups of people, finding ways to guide and lead them towards great results and wonderful ideas.”


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