When I work with leaders and teams, I strive to model the values and skills that will help them reach thoughtful, comprehensive, and creative solutions, while providing an opportunity to engage in multiple levels of learning.

Whether you’re devising a strategy, change plan, project plan or simply trying to make a hard decision, I place strong emphasis on helping your group learn the new behaviors and skills needed to thrive on its own, with less intervention from consultants.

While I’m an expert in designing and facilitating collaborative processes, I recognize that my clients are the experts when it comes to their individual, organizational and community realities. Their expertise and knowledge is critical when creating meaningful plans and solutions.

I have a very deep appreciation for the diverse perspectives, mindsets and styles that make up all teams and cultures and know that inclusion is necessary for real innovation and change to happen.

When my clients seek out my expertise, while functioning at a relatively high level, they are often facing similar challenges: leaders without clear vision or facilitative skills; teams that are ineffective due to poor moral, internal conflict, or disengagement; and reactive cultures that can’t handle change and are constantly putting out fires rather than working proactively. 

I help my clients design and facilitate executive leadership experiences, trainings, and organizational meetings and retreats… all while taking into account the challenging human dynamics that can make work more difficult.

As a facilitator, my approach is strategic and direct with a spark of playfulness. I am quick to identify the elephant in the room, while, at the same time, taking great care to create safe and productive environments where difficult and demanding discussions can unfold (without damaging the relationships between people).

My experiential toolkit includes hands on activities, simulations and case studies. I combine my expertise and these proven tools to create space for my clients to explore and practice new skills with feedback. The customized agendas I build and activities I use are designed to engage and empower the people involved, thus creating a strong sense of ownership and accountability for outcomes.

I’m part of an extensive and well-respected network of Organizational Development colleagues who regularly join me on large projects.

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Gruffie is a human Swiss Army knife of tools, processes, and techniques for problem solving, experiential learning, group facilitation, and coaching. Most OD consultants have solid toolkits, but Gruffie's is larger than any I've ever seen. With Gruffie, the tool is always in the background, and the participants are in the foreground. So instead of the participants thinking ``we are on step five of the process,`` they just experience an open, authentic, deep dialogue.


Gruffie Clough leadership training, organizational consultant

Hi, I’m Gruffie! For over 25 years, I’ve been a trusted advisor to large global enterprises, small and medium businesses, and not-for-profit organizations across the world, consulting in leadership and team development and change management.