I offer customized consulting packages to help leaders and teams achieve excellence in the following areas.

Design and Facilitate Organizational Meetings and Events

Do you need to plan and conduct a productive and engaging meeting to solve a problem, make an important decision, resolve a conflict or improve how your team is working together? 

I can help you design and conduct a single meeting or a series of meetings, for a group of any size, in any environment.

I can work with you to:

  • Create a meeting structure and flow that lets you get work done on time and with the least amount of stress.
  • Maximize inclusion, engagement and accountability. 
  • Align your team around visions, goals and outcomes.
  • Focus on the meeting issues and not be distracted by related work.
  • Stay accountable to your meeting objective with a follow-up action plan that ensures a return on your investment of time and energy.

Leadership Development

If your organization needs to build competent and effective leaders, capable of creating engaged, high performing and agile teams, then I would be honored to be your trusted advisor. 

I can work with you to:

  • Identify clear values that guide organizational behavior and decision making.
  • Formulate strategic thinking and problem solving to increase performance.
  • Quickly and gracefully adapt to changes in the marketplace.
  • Develop techniques to increase engagement, accountability and performance.
  • Become masterful at creating environments where individuals thrive and are motivated to contribute to the greater vision.
  • Be respected as an innovative, inspirational and cutting edge leader.

Group Dynamics and Team Building

Whether your team is disengaged, dealing with internal conflict, or struggling to produce results, I can support you to transform individual behaviors and team dynamics that decrease outcomes and morale.

I can work with you to:

  • Understand the stages of team development and how to effectively lead your team through each.
  • Know how to manage and utilize conflict rather than be distracted by it.
  • Recognize and be responsive to individual personalities and learning styles.
  • Establish loyalty and trust with employees by learning how to listen and ask questions that make them feel, seen, heard and respected. 

Designing a Coaching Culture

Coaching is a distinctive technique leaders can use to enhance individual and team performance. By becoming a great coach you can contribute to your employee’s growth in a highly impactful way.

I can teach you the coaching skills to:

  • Guide team members to reach their highest potential. 
  • Inspire confidence and motivation in others.
  • Encourage employees to be accountable for their own success.

Change Management

The one constant in the workplace is change! Whether it’s navigating an acquisition, learning a new system, or anything in between, I provide the critical support you need to sustain employee satisfaction and keep everyone doing great work. 

I can work with you to: 

  • Lead and manage an organizational change process with confidence.
  • Maintain balance and focus during periods of change.
  • Effectively handle resistance.
  • Get employees inspired and excited about the change by helping them understand why it’s happening and how you’ll work together to achieve the end result.
Gruffie has been a key contributor to several high value initiatives at our organization for more than 6 years, most notably our high potential executive development program. Her experience and business savvy in a variety of industries has helped her effectively relate to all levels of leaders, executives in particular.``


Improve employee performance, build competent visionary leaders, increase your team’s effectiveness or navigate change with confidence. Connect with me here.

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