An interactive workshop for managers, top executives and their teams who want to learn how to expertly design and facilitate meetings, events and projects.

This workshop will help you develop the leadership mindset, skillset and toolset to maximize productivity and increase ROI on the time and resources you invest when working with others. 

Based on a “learn by doing” model, there is extensive practice of, and feedback on, the skills being learned. 

During The Facilitative Leadership Skills Workshop You Will Discover How To: 

  • Masterfully design and facilitate rewarding meetings, events and projects.
  • Increase confidence in how to use your unique leadership style to influence others and achieve positive results.
  • Inspire team engagement, accountability and collaboration.
  • Manage difficult behavior in groups.
  • Skillfully intervene with individual or team dynamics that prevent progress or decrease performance.
  • Use new communication strategies to achieve desired results from even the most challenging conversations.
  • Recognize the impact your choices have on team performance.
  • Organize work to prevent distraction and disruption.

What’s Included:  

  • 3 Days of Leadership Training: 8AM – 5PM
  • Training Workbook with agenda and tool templates to implement in your work
  • Each participant receives a video of their individual performance to practice and increase their skills
  • Personalized feedback from Gruffie and your colleagues in the room
  • Exercises, role playing and practices in leading successful meetings 
This course is not about having effective meetings. It is about building the skill to bring the right people, together at the right time, to have the right conversation, to find a sustainable solution to a problem. Facilitation is about maximizing group effectiveness through all your interactions—in meetings or in the normal course of work. With these newly acquired skills, you will be able to improve your ability to drive decisions and outcomes, which is valuable in executing results. From one of our participants: 'One of the best! Never during my career was I presented with this kind of opportunity! Great use of time; very strategic!' ”


Master the art of designing and facilitating rewarding meetings, events, and projects. Connect with me here. 

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